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Role: Lead Automotive Technician and Drivetrain Specialist 

Certifications: ASE Master Technician, Ford Specialist, GM EFI Calibrator, Drivetrain Specialist, EPA 609 Refrigerant Certification

Vehicle: 1964 Chevrolet C-10

Bryan is the newest member of the team and also brings new services to provide our customers with. He not only works for F-Bomb, but he is the owner/operator of his own business, Got Torque Differential. While most employers would see this as competition, we appreciate that Bryan can offer our customers custom axles, gears and differentials right here in the shop.


Bryan began working in the automotive field as a child and knew it would be his career path. He has always been involved with performance work, whether it was working with his dad in their garage or going to the racetrack, but has a very heavy background in general automotive repair as well. He is a well-rounded technician who can provide our customers with a great deal of knowledge and services.


When he’s not working, Bryan is spending quality time with his wife, Anabel, and their new baby girl, Luna. 

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