Role: Light Duty Technician and Parts Runner

Vehicles: 2015 GMC 1500

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Originally living in California, Gus moved to Texas in 2014 and has been with the F-Bomb Diesel family for 7 years. He absolutely loves working with his team, and always has a smile on his face. 


While he started as the parts runner, in recent years, Gus has been able to grow his skill-set and knowledge as a light duty automotive technician. One of his main goals at F-Bomb is to continue to grow as a technician and broaden his skills even further. He enjoys learning from the other guys in the shop. 


On the weekends, Gus is always hard at work. He enjoys landscaping and providing for his family of 4. He has a beautiful wife, Alma and 2 children, Aixa and Arnoldo. They enjoy spending quality time together as a family on Sundays.